Thursday, November 11, 2010


For breakfast, i try to stay at or under 100 calories (but remember i ate like every 2 or 3 hours). Some of my goto's are.

-Egg Beaters, i usually double the portion for one serving (without measuring) add in some salt and pepper, cilantro and some finely chopped onion and then let it cook on medium heat, while turning the pan(kinda like an omelette). Then when its done i put it on top of a piece of toast with a little laughing cow cheese spread and either fold in half or eat with a fork and knife. If i have left over turkey bacon ill throw a slice in the middle too, YUM!

-a bagel thin. The super thin bagel that are 100 calories, with a little reduced fat cream cheese

-cinnamon toast. 2 piece of toast spread with a little Brummel and Browns yogurt butter (my favorite butter, but then again, i guess its not butter. whatever its good!) and then in a small bowl i add equal parts splenda and cinnamon(maybe a little more cinnamon then splenda) This is one of my favs, and my kids love it too!

-Quaker chewy granola bars! They are only 90 calories and theres a ton of flavors!

-pop tarts 100 calorie packs- this is not the healthiest option, but who doesn't love pop tarts!? Most 100 calorie packs give you like 3 1/2 small things and just piss you off, but the pop tart ones have a good amount! My kids LOVE these too, and they come in chocolate and strawberry.

-if you want a more substantial breakfast, then they have mini turkey sausage biscuits, that are good, i think they are 100 calories a piece. I think they are made by Tennessee Pride, something like that. You can throw some turkey bacon in the over (set at 400) for like 20 min, turning it once, turkey bacon takes a LOT longer to crisp up, so just cook it until its your desired crispiness... i like my bacon CRISPY. There's also some heat and serve turkey sausage links (you can find them just about anywhere) and i like them way better then regular sausage. They aren't greasy at all, and have no nasty casing on them.

-any high fiber cereal(check the calorie content first) with skim milk (just look at the serving first) no mixing bowl size cereal bowls please.

Im getting ready to head to the grocery store, and im SO excited about tonight's dinner. Its a new recipe and i cant wait to try it. Ill let ya know how it is tomorrow :)

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  1. Veggie Sausages are SO yummy too!!!! They sound like you might barf while eating it but seriously I could eat the entire damn box. They are in a green box and I think they are made by Boca. Try them out. SUPER yummy!