Saturday, November 20, 2010

chicken cheesesteaks...mmmmm

I was craving a steak and cheese big time today, so i decided to make chicken cheese steaks for dinner. This is one of Lonnie's favorites too. Its really easy and simple to make, and low cal. See... you can have all of your favorite foods, and lose weight ;)

First cut up chicken breast in to small strips (slice up some onions and green pepper too) warm some olive oil in a pan and throw the chicken (and onions and green pepper if you like) in. I season mine with salt, pepper, garlic, season all, a little soy sauce, and a splash of worcestershire.

I had mine on one of the FLAT OUT brand wraps (but you could do their sandwich flats too) or any low cal bread. Or even on top of a bed of lettuce (that's really yummy!) I just put some raw onion (i like my onions!) lettuce and spread a layer of LAUGHING COW LIGHT blue cheese spread on. It was SOOOO good, and cured my craving! (Lonnie ate his on a regular hoagie roll, with melted low fat provolone cheese on top, which is still WAY less fat and calories then a steak and cheese, especially if you order it out. you know you can usually RING the grease of out those things!)

Its movie night tonight, and im off to make some 94% fat free popcorn, and enjoy it with a diet sprite YUM :)

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