Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cocktail Hour!

This might be my favorite low cal thing to make ;) There is no such thing as a healthy cocktail, but if i cant have a cocktail once in a while, then that wont be very healthy. Here are a few of my favs (Bethenny Frankel also has some amazing ideas and that's where i got my margarita recipe from)

Margarita- 2oz clear tequila, the juice from 1/4 a lime, and a splash or triple sec. With a salted rim of course, and served on the rocks. This was my go to drink this summer.

Cosmo- 2oz vodka, cranberry flavored club soda(the one i found is actually cranberry raspberry, but you cant taste the raspberry, and i got it at giant.) a splash or two of diet cranberry juice, a splash of triple sec and a little squeeze of lime. SO GOOD! I think this one is my favorite!

If you stick to vodka, clear tequila, or clear rum then you can keep your calories down. Just don't load up on a lot of juice because that is loaded with sugar and calories, and you don't want to ruin your whole day with a cocktail or two. Diet sprite and vodka or rum is good. Any of the flavored club sodas (target and giant both have huge selections) are really good with vodka or rum, and they have zero calories. Or you can do plain club soda (any of the clear liquors) and a lime or lemon wedge (or both) squeezed in. Beer and wine are loaded with calories so stay away from those while you're trying to lose, and save them for special occasions. Budweiser select 55 is a good option for beer drinkers at about half the calories of other beer. And champagne is lower calorie then wine. Sometimes when im out at a bar or restaurant ill order a vodka and soda water with a splash of cranberry and a lime wedge, so its not full juice, but i still get the color and taste of cranberry.

My dinner the other night was a mock Zuppa (Olive Garden) soup and it came out fabulous! Here is where i got the recipe from if you want to try it. I skipped the bacon because it was a late dinner night, but if i make it again ill use turkey bacon instead of regular.

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